Lyxiga presentkort och inbjudningskort till GLOWiD

Lyxiga presentkort och inbjudningskort för GLOWiD som fyller 5 år. PÅ Media producerade trycksakerna i vår HP Indigo press och med grafisk effekt som sleeking (digital värmefoliering). Sedan trycktes budskap på den guldfolierade ytan. Material: 300g Invercote Creato.

At GLOWiD you will find only the best Korean skin care, all orignated from natural ingredients. Our founder Cecilia Ortmark Söder has lived in Seoul, Korea and was amazed by the incredible amount of high qualitative skincare she tried there during her 3 years livning in Korea. When she moved back to Sweden she felt that Europeans also should get easy access to these fantastic products, with high quality and to reasonable prices. That was the birth of GLOWiD! We are the exclusive distributors of all our brands and can ensure the quality of everything we sell. In our portfolio you find Dr. Ceuracle, By Wishtrend, Klairs, Hyggee, I’m From, COSRX, CLE and Make p:rem.
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21 mars, 2021


Effekter på trycksaker, Inbjudan, Trycksaker

Digital foliering / Sleeking, Digital värmefoliering, GLOWiD, Grafiska effekter, HP Indigo digitalt offsettryck, Inbjudningskort, Invercote Creato, Presentkort, Sleeking i guld